Torx Pin-In, Metric

Metric Torx Pin-In Screws, also known as Metric 6-Lobe Pin-In Screws, are tamper resistant screws that require a special pin-in hex driver to install. Metric Torx Pin-In screws are typically available in Button and Flat heads in both steel and stainless steel. Typical sizes are listed below though Apex Fasteners can supply parts in nearly any size to meet your particular application's needs. Please see our Torx Pin-In Tools for installation assistance.

Torx Pin-In Tamper Resistant Machine Screws
Button Head Machine Screw
Flat Head Machine Screw
Torx-Pin-Button.pngTorx-Pin-Button-Dark.png Torx-Pin-Flat.pngTorx-Pin-Flat-Dark.png

Basic Part Number Size Length Button Head
Driver Size
Flat Head
Driver Size
TRM03C006T M3-0.5 6mm T-8 T-10
TRM03C008T M3-0.5 8mm T-8 T-10
TRM03C010T M3-0.5 10mm T-8 T-10
TRM03C012T M3-0.5 12mm T-8 T-10
TRM03C016T M3-0.5 16mm T-8 T-10
TRM035C008T M3.5-0.6 8mm T-10 T-15
TRM035C010T M3.5-0.6 10mm T-10 T-15
TRM035C012T M3.5-0.6 12mm T-10 T-15
TRM035C020T M3.5-0.6 20mm T-10 T-15
TRM035C025T M3.5-0.6 25mm T-10 T-15
TRM035C030T M3.5-0.6 30mm T-10 T-15
TRM04C010T M4-0.7 10mm T-15 T-20
TRM04C012T M4-0.7 12mm T-15 T-20
TRM04C016T M4-0.7 16mm T-15 T-20
TRM04C020T M4-0.7 20mm T-15 T-20
TRM04C025T M4-0.7 25mm T-15 T-20
TRM04C030T M4-0.7 30mm T-15 T-20
TRM04C040T M4-0.7 40mm T-15 T-20
TRM05C012T M5-0.8 12mm T-25 T-25
TRM05C016T M5-0.8 16mm T-25 T-25
TRM05C020T M5-0.8 20mm T-25 T-25
TRM05C025T M5-0.8 25mm T-25 T-25
TRM05C030T M5-0.8 30mm T-25 T-25
TRM05C040T M5-0.8 40mm T-25 T-25
TRM05C050T M5-0.8 50mm T-25 T-25
TRM05C060T M5-0.8 60mm T-25 T-25
TRM06C012T M6-1.0 12mm T-27 T-30
TRM06C016T M6-1.0 16mm T-27 T-30
TRM06C020T M6-1.0 20mm T-27 T-30
TRM06C025T M6-1.0 25mm T-27 T-30
TRM06C030T M6-1.0 30mm T-27 T-30
TRM06C040T M6-1.0 40mm T-27 T-30
TRM06C050T M6-1.0 50mm T-27 T-30
TRM06C060T M6-1.0 60mm T-27 T-30

Part Number Example:
(Basic Part Number-Material Code-Finish Code)
M6-1.0 x 30mm Torx Pin-In Flat Head Machine Screw, Stainless Steel

Head Types
Button B

Steel Alloy
Steel Zinc
Stainless Steel SS
Steel Black Oxide

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